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Letterhead and Envelope Printing Design Tips

One of the most important business activities includes sending out correspondence toward your prospects, business partners, and clients. In order to create a good impression toward them, letterhead printing and envelope printing are two things that shouldn’t be overlooked. An official letterhead and envelope design can create a feeling of trust between your company and your business affiliations. They can also assure the receiver regarding the originality of the letter or document they receive. It can be concluded a letterhead and envelope with a touch of personalization is quite as important as the company brand itself as it represents your business and continuously helps you build the desired impression upon the receiver’s end.

Find several tips you can try in order to create a good design for your company’s letterhead and envelope below.

1. Put the logo of your company

By including your company logo design, you are subtly doing free self-promotion and advertising. As people look at your company’s logo that’s printed on your letterhead and envelope, they subconsciously get your company identity embedded in their minds. Thus, you must consider a logo that’s memorable and have them put across all your media whether offline or online.

2. Ensure consistency

Of course, in creating the design for your stationery, you must come up with a theme. Upon the theme of your choice, you must put a focus on one element of design, for example, logo, color, or any other graphic element on your design. Have that focus to be present in every office stationery you have. Make sure that the design must be consistent in all platforms so that it is easily recognizable.

3. Adjust to your audience

Create the desired impression toward the receiver of your correspondence by considering how they would like it. For example, print a more professional and formal design for clients that are more serious. However, if your prospect is a company that’s fun and laid back, avoid a minimal design that won’t appeal to them.

4. Use a high-quality paper

A lot of types of papers are available for use that comes with a varied price as well. It is advised to put a few extra resources on choosing a better paper compared to common printer paper for your letterhead and also envelope. A premium paper of higher quality is usually thicker and more durable. Some are even textured, adding a better nuance to your document. You can visit Kiasuprint to find out more about the papers for printing needs.

5. Printing service

Be on the lookout for the best printing service around your area. It is possible that they will result in cost-saving for your resources as they are also efficient in working and experienced in what they do. It’s always a better choice to have them handle your printing orders instead of trying to do it on your own without the right expertise regarding the matter. You can also choose various types of finishes they usually can offer, such as embossing, or special cutting to add a little bit more creativity to your letterhead and envelope design.

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