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Learn About the Basics of Wax Sealing

In the past, wax sealing was an important part of the correspondence. Since sending out mails was the main way to reach faraway people, it was very often done by many people and using wax sealing was quite commonly used. Nowadays, since sending out mails is no longer popular, wax sealing has become very rare to use. In this era, wax sealing is more known as a form of art or hobby and enjoyed more as leisure and craft.

Should you be interested in the world of wax sealing, here are some basic knowledge that can help you to start.

First, you may wonder what is the right type of wax for you. The answer to this, of course, depends on the purpose of the wax seal that you have in mind. Wax seal for decoration and wax seal for sealing letters or envelopes may be different. Waxes have many different types and characteristics, so you have to try to understand which one works for what purpose. Even though they are essentially all waxes, there might be slight differences.

Even with different shapes, the use of wax can be different. For example, a wax stick is used for glue guns. For wax spoon, you use different types of wax. Also, some waxes have wick while some don’t. Wick wax stick is familiarly used with a glue gun, while non wick wax is better for a sealing wax spoon.

If you wonder about which type of tool that is best for beginners, it is advised to use a sealing wax spoon. However, some people may think that the glue gun is easier to use. Just try each and even other options if available to know which works best for you because not everyone has the same preferences. The most important thing to pay attention to is the compatibility of the wax and the tool as well as the comfort of control over the amount of wax that is poured onto the surface. Also, don’t forget about the stamp. You will need a stamp to leave an imprint on the wax seal. A stamp is ordered separately, and it is often highly customizable, meaning that you can choose whatever logo, symbol, mark, or words to be made as to the stamp. You can be as creative as you can with it.

To make a wax seal, you first have to heat up the wax until it is thoroughly melted. Then, you pour it onto the surface that you want. You will need a stamp to press down on the melted wax and leave a certain logo or symbol or even words that are unique. Be aware that some waxes require different timing than the others when it comes to the stamping step. Some waxes need to be stamped when it’s boiling hot, while some others should wait until it cools down a little. But all of them be completely cooled down before the stamp is lifted from the wax so that it will produce a perfect outcome.

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