June 23, 2024
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How to Order And Get Name Cards Through Online?

Y’all know the importance of the name card for your business. Well, this century becomes digitalized however nothing can match with the benefits offered by name cards. There are lofty of advantages will fall for business cards. Even now most of the business uses cards as a key to invite customers. But in order to get a business card in a flawless way ordering online is the excellent choice. If you are a novice and don’t have any idea regarding this? Then look below to know the procedural way of placing an order online.

Steps to follow:

Select choose printing service:

Even with low price various online name card printing services offer outstanding quality. You have to choose the proper company in case of doubts make use of customer service help.

Look for the order form:

Once after you find out the best company then discovers the online order form. It’s mandatory to provide some essential details. As like from the company side also you can get some information regarding the service. That’s why thoroughly check out the online form and fill accordingly.

Significant step:

While filling the online form you have to concern about the option that is you want double-sided cards or not. Likewise, choose the printing font color as well. There is two options white and black color. Want to save money then choose white. You also choose 4-color on both sides of the cards.


In the matter of business card printing in Singapore quality speaks a lot than anything. Thus you have to choose the rightful quality you’d like to impress from the choices such as 250, 500, 1000 and many more. Go for the cost which equivalents to your budget for example if you choose 2000 in the needful of 500 then you are one end with a lot of loss.

Offer more time:

According to the card printing you have to give excess time so then you will result in cheap cost printing. But the service will change based on the company you choose since most offer same day printing and whereas others take 7 days to complete.

Pick the coating:

Traditional business coatings are of gloss, UV coating or aqueous. Its all non-erasable with your fingers. When you choose gloss then you can witness that your business card look great it’s more or less equal to the brochure. The UV coats maintain the color and aqueous is an excellent choice since it uses water. 

Provide your design:

Everyone has name card design on own in any of the software. But you have to identify the type of file taken by the company website. So you have to change the file accordingly and upload. Make sure about the resolution, color mode and many more.

Receive feedback:

Once you uploaded then the vendor such as Kiasu Print will send you the confirmation for the printing. Actually, 3.5 X 2.0 inches approximately 5.1 cm is the actual card size. If you want any change then the company will make. Finally, do online payment the way asked by company or else go with your convenient one.

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